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Hall facilities: (click photos for larger image)
Entrance Lobby
Committee Room
Floor Plan:
A copy of the Village Hall floor plan is available here (Adobe pdf format)
There are two kitchens, a large one off the Hall & a smaller one at the back of the Committee Room.
Main Kitchen:
The main kitchen is equipped with pots, pans,
150 cups & saucers, plates, cutlery and the following major facilities for use by hirers:
a) A hot water geyser (for teas and coffees etc.);
b) An electric cooker;
c) A microwave cooker;
d) Two sinks with single drainers on each;
e) Large Fridge and Freezer.

Small Kitchen:
The small kitchen contains the following facilities for use by hirers:
a) An electric cooker;
b) A microwave cooker;
c) Hot water is available on demand from a gas fired water heater; in the main kitchen
(please do not switch off).
d) A sink and double drainer;
e) Fridge
Tennis Courts:
There are two full sized courts available to be used for the majority of the year, weather permitting. Should you wish to play tennis on the courts please refer to the notice board outside the door to the Main Hall for more information.
Audio Visual System & Hearing Aid Loop:
The hall has an AV system with a pull-down screen suitable for running PowerPoint presentations etc. from a laptop or for showing DVD’s. If you wish to use the AV equipment please make this known at the time of booking as some of the equipment is stored off-site. A small charge will be applied
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